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Breast Reduction with Augmentation


This is a 48 year old female who underwent breast reduction and breast augmentation.

The patient is 5 ft 5 in, weight 155 lbs and she presents with macromastia (large breasts) and breast ptosis or droop.She also had some asymmetry with the left breast being larger than the right breast. The macromastia causes back pain, neck pain shoulder grooving and rashes below breast fold.

We performed a unique surgery on this patient reducing the breasts first removing 400 cc from the left breast and 300 cc from the right breast followed by a breast augmentation placing bilateral 250 cc breast implants. The implants reshape the breast creating upper pole fullness and improve the overall aesthetic of the breast. The incision is a wise pattern incision.

Photos are before and 2 years post op. The patient's symptoms of back pain, shoulder grooving, rashes and neck pain are all improved.