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This is a 21-year-old male before and 6 weeks after open septo/rhinoplasty. The patient complained of a bump on his nose (dorsal hump) as well as difficulty breathing. Internal nasal exam demonstrated deviated nasal septum, turbinate hypertrophy causing obstruction of the nasal airway. On facial analysis the patient has overall excellent facial aesthetics with a strong jawline and chin and good overall facial proportions. He has a wide nasal bony base and dorsal hump but good tip definition and nostril proportions. This rhinoplasty consisted of septoplasty, turbinate reduction, dorsal hump resection and osteotomies to narrow the bony base. Rhinoplasties are individualised and customized for each patient and no 2 rhinoplasties are alike. We take into consideration overall facial aesthetics, gender, patient desires and functional aspects of the nose among many other variables. Ultimately the goal is for a functional and structural improvement matching the nose to the patient's overall facial features.